The Association offers a prize for the best essay on any topic related to general anaesthesia, sedation or any aspect of pain and anxiety control related to dental or oral surgical treatment.

The essay may be of any reasonable length and if it relates to any original laboratory or clinical investigation then this should not have been previously published in a professional journal. However, if the work has been submitted to a journal then it may be acceptable at the discretion of the Council of the Association.

There is no specific formatting requirement for the submission. Diagrams, tables, photographs etc. should appear within the text as might be expected in a published article. The preferred file format for submission is PDF, as this will ensure all formatting remains the same as the author intended.

The closing date for submissions varies from year to year, and will invariably be some weeks before that years annual general meeting. Applicants are advised to make their submissions as soon as possible each year. Precise dates may be available on the website or can be obtained by e-mail the general enquiries address, found on the contact us page. In the event of more than one submission being received, two or more members of the Council will adjudicate.

The winner of the annual prize will receive £250 and will also be invited to present a paper based on their winning essay at the annual meeting of the Association. Expenses (reasonable -travelling within the UK etc) for attending the meeting will be borne by the Association.